Delnan Ltd
Bojanovice 98
252 06 Davle
Czech Republic
Super-action, discount
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Production of paper bags, wrappers with printing, wrapping
papers, cornets with printing and sale of PE containers.
Bags with neutral printing, Christmas motifs bags,
bags for drugstores, aluminium folio thermobags,
bags for alimentary and Kebab bags.

Delnan Ltd company was established in 1992 from four partners.
Each of them had a long-termed bussiness experience
(economy, finance, sale, marketing, branch of paper industry and printing).
Company target is production of bags with clients logo and at the same time to provide advertising.
Company focuses on high quality, flexibility and production from ecological materials.
Company delivers its products to all regions of Czech Republic and substantial
part of its production delivers abroad.
Development of company is perceptible of ever-growing production.

Delnan Ltd.
Your partner for your wrapper and your advertising – inrivaled on quality and flexibility.